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Try it for FREE! Yes an absolutely free class, just give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can get you scheduled.

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The Introductory Program.

4 Weeks of Unlimited classes for only $49.00, we even include the belt and uniform.

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Memberships and More

Tigers (ages 4 - 6)


Tiger Classes are held 3 times a week for 30 minutes each. We suggest students try to attend at least 2 classes to retain what we are teaching in class.

Karate Kids (ages 7 - 12)


Karate Kids classes start at 30 minutes for White Belts then progress to 45 minutes after a students first testing. One Extra class is added per week when students reach a sparring rank of Camo Belt.

Teens and Adults (ages 13 and up)

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As our student, you are looked upon as an individual,

never compared to anyone else. We will be there every step of the way to help

you reach the goals that you desire.

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Tournaments, Parades, Camps, Demos and more...


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