Karate Kids

The Karate for Kids motto is: "Every Kid Is a Winner"

There are many reasons for kids to become involved in the martial arts. Some times it's to help learn self-control, perhaps for the physical skills that Martial Arts helps teach.

At Lancaster ATA, we have developed a program to help every kid reach the goals they desire and parents request. This program is based on traditional Taekwondo with a fun twist for kids, 

it's called Karate for Kids.

ATA’s Karate for Kids program is based on lifetime learning concept in addition to the technical skills of traditional Taekwondo. The building blocks for our system are monthly themes such as:

Goals - Friendship - Perseverance - Self Control

Confidence - Self Improvement - Courtesy - Self Awareness

Respect - Integrity - Self Esteem - Dedication

The specially designed program offers children many benefits that will help shape

their future by giving them self respect and confidence in their own abilities.


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