Video conference classes via Zoom

 Live online classes via Zoom.

**Before the first class you must download the Zoom App at **

When it's your class time follow the link below to launch the zoom app and Join in.

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Meeting ID: 740 777 5119

Passwords are now required for all meetings, Please send an email to or text 740-777-6220 or message us on Facebook

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Please do not publicly post this password.

Monday & Wednesday

  • 4PM Camo, Green, Purple & Blue Belt - Tigers (4-6yr old)
  • 5PM White, Orange & Yellow Belt - Kids, Teens, Adults
  • 6PM Black Belts - Kids, Teens, Adults (warm up first then material will be done by rank)

Tuesday & Thursday

  • 4PM White, Orange & Yellow Belt - Tigers (4-6 yr old)
  • 5PM Brown, Red, Black Belt Recommended - Kids, Teens, Adults
  • 6PM Camo, Green, Purple & Blue Belts - Kids, Teens, Adults

You Can Download or add our Google Zoom Calendar from Here:

Please wait until 10 minutes before class before attempting to join, as the previous class may still be in session.

We are still in the process of working out private lessons and a Saturday schedule.

Stay safe and Train Hard!